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Experiments on llRezObject

StefanNilsson tried to vary mass and velocity, and got these delays (in seconds) per rez:

Mass (kg)20m/s15m/s10m/s5m/s
Note that mass < 0.1 kg is treated as 0.1 - which suggests that mass has a precision of 100g. It's also evident that the delay varies with mass as well as inital velocity. - StefanNilsson

This seems to be fitting the function "delay = llVecMag(velocity) * mass + e" where 0 < e < 1 is the error, i think for low mass objects they treat the mass as zero. i would estimate that the value of e is 0.850.05 - BW
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Working at calculating the best multiplied-power-curve match for the existing data, though it appears that the 'timing script' didn't have the built-in delay factored into it perhaps, and the data doesn't appear averaged across multiple tests with outliers removed (like 700g@20m/s for example) to avoid random noise.
-- WolfWings (2005-11-07 01:20:35)
The script quite simply rezzes 30 objects of varius masses with various velocities (along the z axis) and reports the time it took. I have not done any outlier removal or tried to remove the script running time in itself. This (first) experiment was just to probe wheter the delay does vary with mass and velocity. I thought of including the script as well, which would have been good form, but I figured I'd get some peer feedback first.
-- StefanNilsson (2005-11-07 03:59:04)
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