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LSL Wiki : ExampleKey2Channel

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A constant problem in LSL is the constant use of the same channel for everything in scripts. This causes a fair deal of unnecessary lag, and leads to many a server instability.

Ever wish you could create an arbitrary channel that can be discovered by any script? You can!

The secret is converting a key into a channel in a predictable way. One tried and true method is to use the hex provided.

Example code:

integer Key2Channel(key given, integer num_digits)
    // Creates a private channel using a known key value given and num_digits
    // Interestingly, you can find this number in any object by using a sensor
    string known = (string)given;
    integer count = llStringLength(known) - 1;
    integer i;
    string channel = ""; // String for channel creation
    for(i = 0; i < count; i += 2)
        channel += (string)((integer)("0x" + llGetSubString(known,i,i + 1)));
        if(llStringLength(channel) >= num_digits)
            i = count;
    // Return the value
    return (integer)channel;

integer Key2Integer(string input, integer start, integer chars)
    return (integer)("0x"+llGetSubString(
        start, start + chars - 1));

This trick also works with a script pin for even more script-fu.
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