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To correct errors in a script, see debugging.

Although it doesn't have to do with LSL in general, the debug portion of the Second Life client is very mysterious and could probably use it's own wiki. For now, the LSL Wiki will be used, which may change into a general SL wiki, or simply spin-off the debug section into a new wiki.

The debug menu can be enabled/disabled by hitting the Ctrl+Alt+D keys.

The options in the debug menu are rather elusive and quite complex. It's rather hard for the regular SL user to understand the power of these things which is why Linden Lab employees should feel free to add/correct this information as they see fit.

The Debug Menu

The first column gives the menu item, its depth in the menu, and its name exactly as shown, along with a link with more information (if it exists). The second column displays the shortcut key combination if it is applicable. The third contains general comments on the menu item (if any), and the default state. The fourth column makes an effort to show which items are safe to click on (some are not and will crash SL).

The main menu, contains several general toggles and submenus, which you may click on below to learn more.
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Frame Console Ctrl-Shift-2 toggle (off) yes
Texture Console Ctrl-Shift-3 toggle (off) yes
Debug Console Ctrl-Shift-4 toggle (off) yes
Audio > submenu - - -
Fast Timers Ctrl-Shift-9 toggle (off) yes
Memory Ctrl-Shift-0 toggle (does nothing) (off) yes
Reload UI XML Ctrl-Alt-R sometimes the client doesn't properly reload a page but it's harmless mostly harmless
ReloadSettingsReload settings/colors - not all colors can be changed on the fly harmless
HUD Info > submenu - - -

- - -
UI In Snapshot - toggle (off) yes
High-res Snapshot - toggle (off) yes
Show Mouselook Crosshairs - toggle (on) yes
Debug Permissions - toggle (off) yes

- - -
Rendering > submenu - - -
World > submenu - - -
UI > submenu - - -
Character > submenu - - -

- - -
Show Updates Ctrl-Alt-Shift-U - yes

- - -
Console Window - - yes
Debug > Fast Timers

Debug > Memory

Debug > Reload settings/colors

Debug > UI In Snapshot

Debug > High-res Snapshot

Debug > Show Mouselook Crosshairs
Shows/hides crosshairs ("[]" image) in the camera's center when in mouselook mode.

Debug > Debug Permissions
Shows all permissions of an object on the bottom of "General" in the building menu and in inventory item properties.
The first letter is who the permission is for
O: owner, G: group, E: everyone, N: next owner, B: base, F: flagged. (Seems to be the same as owner?)
The other letters are the permissions
V: move, M: modify, C: copy, T: transfer
An asterisk (*) means that the permissions will be reset on next rez. This can happen when you change the permissions of something in your inventory, rather than changing the permissions on the object in-world, then taking the object into your inventory.

Debug > Show Updates

Debug > Console Window

Debug > Audio:
This submenu contains four options (they look like toggles), but they appear to do nothing.
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Global Pos Ctrl-Shift-5 unsure (does nothing) yes
Cone Ctrl-Shift-6 unsure (does nothing) yes
Local Pos Ctrl-Shift-7 unsure (does nothing) yes
Duration Ctrl-Shift-8 unsure (does nothing) yes

Debug > HUD Info:
This submenu contains four toggles, which display some basic client and avatar information.
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Velocity - toggle (off) yes
Camera - toggle (off) yes
Wind - toggle (off) yes
FOV - toggle (off) yes

Debug > HUD Info > Velocity
Displays a numeric readout of the avatar's linear velocity, and a bar graph that tops out at 6 m/s, in the lower left of the screen.

Debug > HUD Info > Camera
Displays several bits of information about the camera and agent in the lower right of the screen.
CameraAtAxis: a normalized vector that tells which direction the camera is pointing.
CameraCenter: a vector that gives the camera's current position in-world in meters.
AgentLeftAxis: a normalized vector that points to the avatar's immediate left.
AgentAtAxis: a normalized vector that points in the same direction the avatar is facing.
AgentRootCenter: a vector that gives the avatar's current position in world in meters.
AgentCenter: appears to be the same as AgentRootCenter but with a different z value.

Debug > HUD Info > Wind
Displays several bits of information about the wind, in the lower right of the screen, above the camera info.
Audio for wind: audio sample for the wind being played?
RWind vec: wind direction relative to the avatar, used for calculating how the wind sound is played.
RWind vel: wind speed relative to the avatar, used for calculating how the wind sound is played.
Wind vector: wind direction relative to the ground.
Wind velocity: wind speed relative to the ground.

Debug > HUD Info > FOV
Displays the client's field of view (FOV) in degrees in the lower right of the screen above the wind info.

Debug > Rendering
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Types > submenu - - -
Features > submenu - - -
Info Displays > submenu - - -

- - -
Axes - toggle (off) yes
Use VBO - - ?
Use PBuffers - - ?
Share Drawtables - - ?
Light Glows - toggle (off) yes
Local Tree Lighting - - mostly harmless

- - -
Hide Selected - - yes

- - -
Tangent Basis - - ?
Tree Options... - - ?
Fast UI - - ?
Debug Fast UI - - ?
Object-Object Occlusion Ctrl-Alt-O - ?

Debug > Rendering > Axes

Debug > Rendering > Use VBO

Debug > Rendering > Use PBuffers

Debug > Rendering > Share Drawtables

Debug > Rendering > Light Glows
Shows coronas around light-emitting primitives. Useful for locating the ones that didn't intentionally have the light material set (obviating the need to check the material of each prim individually), and for improving the appearance of the ones that are intentional.

Debug > Rendering > Local Tree Lighting
Draws light-like lines and boxes (does nothing?)

Debug > Rendering > Hide Selected

Debug > Rendering > Tangent Basis
Shows polygon normals only if prim has a touch event or is the root (with/without the touch event)

Debug > Rendering > Tree Options...

Debug > Rendering > Fast UI

Debug > Rendering > Debug Fast UI

Debug > Rendering > Object-Object Occlusion
Toggles occlusion culling.

Debug > Rendering > Types
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Simple Ctrl-Alt-Shift-1 toggle (on) yes
Alpha Ctrl-Alt-Shift-2 alpha, toggle (on) yes
Tree Ctrl-Alt-Shift-3 toggle (on) yes
Character Ctrl-Alt-Shift-4 avatars, toggle (on) yes
SurfacePatch Ctrl-Alt-Shift-5 terrain, toggle (on) yes
Sky Ctrl-Alt-Shift-6 toggle (on) yes
Water Ctrl-Alt-Shift-7 toggle (on) yes
Ground Ctrl-Alt-Shift-8 toggle (on) yes
Volume Ctrl-Alt-Shift-9 prims, toggle (on) yes
Grass Ctrl-Alt-Shift-0 toggle (on) yes
Clouds Ctrl-Alt-Shift-- toggle (on) yes
Particles Ctrl-Alt-Shift-= particles, toggle (on) yes
Bump Ctrl-Alt-Shift-\ bumpmaps, toggle (on) yes

Debug > Rendering > Features
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
UI Ctrl-Alt-1 GUI, toggle (on) yes
Selected Ctrl-Alt-2 toggle (on) yes
Highlighted Ctrl-Alt-3 toggle (on) yes
Dynamic Textures Ctrl-Alt-4 toggle (on) yes
HW Lighting Ctrl-Alt-5 toggle (on) yes
Fog Ctrl-Alt-6 toggle (on) yes
Palletized Textures Ctrl-Alt-7 toggle (on) yes
Test FRInfo Ctrl-Alt-8 toggle (on) yes
Flexible Objects Ctrl-Alt-9 toggle (on) yes
Chain Faces Ctrl-Alt-0 toggle (on) yes

Debug > Rendering > Info Displays
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Verify - - ?
AGP Map - - ?
BBoxes - land bounding boxes yes
Octree - occlusion tree nodes, etc yes
Occlusion - occlusion blocks yes
Face Chains - chained faces yes
Composition - - ?
ShadowMap - - ?
LightTrace - light raytraces ?
Pools - - ?
Queues - - ?
Map - - ?
Show Depth Buffer - - ?
Show Select Buffer - - ?

Displays octree (occlusion tree) blocks (white outlines); blue lines point to prims/cells in a specific block that would be culled (removed), green outlines are prim bounding boxes.

Displays occlusion culled blocks as red boxes.

Face Chains
Improved face batching, which helps performance a little bit on some systems. Basically, instead of drawing like faces one at a time, it draws them in big batches. The green lines are static faces that got batched, the squares are faces that did not get batched, and the orange lines are moving faces that got batched. There should be no visible difference between chaining faces and not chaining faces.

Debug > World
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Force Sunset Ctrl-Shift-N forces sunrise yes
Mouse Moves Sun Ctrl-Alt-M - yes
Sim Sun Override - - yes
Fixed Weather - - yes

Debug > UI
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Async Keystrokes - - ?
Dump SelectMgr - - ?
Dump Inventory - - ?
Dump Focus Holder Ctrl-Alt-F - ?
Dump VolumeMgr - - ?
Print Selected Object Info Ctrl-Shift-P - ?
Print Agent Info Shift-P - ?
Print Texture Memory Stats Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M - ?

- - -
Debug SelectMgr - - ?
Debug Clicks - - ?
Debug Views - - ?
Debug Mouse Events - - ?
Debug Keys - - ?
Debug WindowProc - - ?
Debug Text Editor Tips - - ?
Export Menus to XML... - - yes
Edit UI... - - yes
Load from XML... - - ?
Save to XML... - - yes

Debug > Character
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Grab Baked Texture > submenu - - -
Force Params to Default - - ?
Reload Vertex Shader - - ?
Animation Info - - yes
Flush Animations - - no
Slow Motion Animations - - yes
Show Look At - - yes
Show Point At - - yes
Debug Joint Updates - - ?
Disable LOD - - ?
Debug Character Vis - - ?
Show Attachment Points - - yes
Show Collision Plane - - yes
Show Collision Skeleton - - yes
Software Blending SSE - - ?
Character Load Test - - ?
Display Agent Target - - ?
Debug Rotation - - yes
Dump Attachments - - ?
Dump Local Textures Alt-Shift-M - ?

Debug > Character > Grab Baked Texture
Menu Item Shortcut Notes Safe?
Iris - - ?
Head - saves a texture of everything on your head (eyes, tattoos, etc.) yes
Upper Body - - ?
Lower Body - - ?
Skirt - - ?

Comments [Hide comments/form]
So... why the Debug menu, Dave?
-- CatherineOmega (2004-05-01 05:40:20)
Because it is filled with valuable information that could actually help out LL if used correctly in bug reports. AKA: I'm trying to save Kelly Linden some time!
-- DaveZeeman (2004-05-03 03:58:52)
I've found the Debug menu to be very handy in doing a *lot* of things, and while not directly related to LSL, this is the only place (that I know of) where it can and would be likely to be adequately explained. It is a part of SL, so someone ought to say *something* about it.
-- LaserPascal (2005-11-01 02:04:18)
Mostly harmless!

-- DolusNaumova (2005-11-03 11:03:31)
I really hate this page. I wish it would die. :-p

But in all seriousness, I think that this information, though valuable, belongs on the SL tiki, not here. I stumbled upon this page when I thought about writing some tips about debugging scripts - which is probably what the normal everyday user would probably want to see when they looked up the debug page.

For now, Im going to create debugging in its place, and add a refrence to it at the top of this page. I wish it was easy as copy+paste to transfer the info, but alas, the wiki engine running the tiki uses a syntax very foreign to me.
-- ChristopherOmega (2006-03-26 19:38:04)
I really don't like Tiki's syntax--it's very confusing and just too complicated. Wakka's syntax is MUCH easier and user-friendly.
-- EepQuirk (2006-03-27 12:38:04)
Well, it could always be moved to SL History Wiki: Debug Menu...
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-09 21:42:53)
It's outside the scope of both the SL History Wiki and the LSL Wiki. Pages like this are basically the entire reason for having the SL Wiki, however. It should go there.
-- CatherineOmega (2006-06-13 17:24:54)
That's the problem with having multiple wikis--none acts as a GENERAL SL wiki, which is what is truly needed here where content from ALL 3 SL wikis could be added to. The SL History Wiki's scope is broadening but it would be better to just combine all the wikis into one wiki...
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-14 18:39:13)
The Linden's Tech-Support tiki is the general wiki, isnt it?
-- ChristopherOmega (2006-06-14 22:43:33)
Yes. Eep just doesn't like TikiWiki.
-- CatherineOmega (2006-06-15 15:28:30)
I'm hardly the only one, Catherine...
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-15 19:35:09)
Another reason why MediaWiki is better: talk/discussion pages on every article.
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-16 00:50:23)
MediaWiki is the best in my opinion. It's a shame LL doesn't use it.
-- Flarn2006 (2006-08-06 08:21:47)
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