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LSL Wiki : Bytecode

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"Bytecode is a sort of intermediate code that is more abstract than machine code. It is often treated as a binary file containing an executable program much like an object module, which is a binary file containing a machine code produced by compilers." Wikipedia

The client compiles the script, temporarily stores the text script and the script together in the disk cache, and uploads them together when the sim is ready.

LSL is a language like Java in that they both compile into bytecode which can is interpreted (LSL is not compiled to machine code). LSL bytecode is high-level and does no optimization at compile time. LSL bytecode can be decompiled back into the original script with the only loss being the variable and user function names.

LL is moving to Mono for scripting so, in the future, LSL will be compiled to CIL, assembled into CLR assemblies and run in a Mono virtual machine (VM) in the simulator. (This also opens up the possibility of using other languages that target the CLR, such as C#, VB.NET, Python, and many others, though LL has yet to announce any plans to allow this.) Babbage Linden is doing the work of replacing the LSL VM with Mono; read about it in his blog. According to a post from April 2005, LSL scripts run 300 to 500 times faster in the Mono VM!

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