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LSL Wiki : BoundingBox

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Bounding Box

A "bounding box" refers to the collision shape of a prim or avatar as percieved by Second Life's physics engine, Havok. While you see a humanoid avatar, Havok sees your agent as a box--the dimensions of which can be determined by the llGetAgentSize and llGetBoundingBox functions.

Q: Does Havok use bounding boxes for prims also?
A: No, Havok calculates physics collisions based on the actual surface of the object. Unfortunately, in practice, this is somewhat broken. When Havok 2.x+ is added to SL, the precision will be much greater than it currently is.

The limitations of the precision of the physics engine will cause objects to 'float' over other objects, get 'stuck' between them or 'bounce' off them prematurely. It will also allow objects to pass through other objects, if they travel fast enough.

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