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LSL Wiki : Autobahn

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Autobahn public and private roads (DRAFT!)

The Autobahn is a road system designed so that scripts can steer for you with you controlling the speed and lane.
It uses a series of named prims that each having extra information in the description field.

Because the vehicle flies based on scanned prims, the road can be any direction. Even upside down! :eek:
This means that the system can be used for loops and banked corners.

The Road

Each lane is composed of prims named " PublicRoad " followed by more data.

The data includes information on the lane surface and rotation.

See the How to build AutoBahn roads page for more detailed information on getting the block facing the right direction and for description text.

The vehicle

The vehicle would then be phantom and it would fly based on sensing the road.
The sensor event would create a waypoint based on desired lane and current speed.
The craft would then fly towards a point based on that waypoint.



V1.12 oct 2006 There is a known bug with sensing across sim boundrys.
As of 1.12 you can't read the description of other objects!
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