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LSL Wiki : AgentRevolution

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Native from Quebec in Canada, Agent Revolution was formerly known as Armorfid Copeland. He is the DNA Corporation creator and CEO, and was the founder of the now-disbanded DNA Military Forces with BigPimpin Allen. He participated in many SL militaries since he joined on April 4, 2006. His first account (Armorfid Copeland) has been banned injusticely on October 27, 2006 due to participation into a pyramid scheme, and returned SL a month later as Agent Revolution. He is now an experienced builder, scripter and weapon maker.

Past & current SL militaries joined, in order:

- Alliance Navy
- Corneria Military Division (renamed to Corneria Coalition) [disbanded]
- Corneria Coalition [disbanded]
- Imperia [disbanded]
- Liberation Against Woeful Second Life (aka LAWL) [disbanded]
- Merczateers
- Dark Army Empires [disbanded]
- Alpha Marines (renamed to Rathium Tactical Forces) [disbanded]
- DNA Military Forces [disbanded]
- Rathium Tactical Forces [disbanded]
- Second Life Sky Navy [inactive]
- The 28th Armored Regiment [merged with Rathium Tactical Forces, disbanded]
- Rathium Tactical Forces [disbanded]
- Nythos Strategic Union (current)
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