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Welcome to the LSL Wiki, an effort to document the LSL scripting language of Second Life. This wiki is intended as an open documentation resource to help scripters of all skill levels. Anyone can contribute, so feel free to jump in.

Looking for information about Second Life in general? Try Linden Lab's official Second Life Wiki.
Are you new to LSL scripting? Try our LSL Tutorials

There are other forks of the LSL Wiki in various states of development. See the 'Link to Useful Resources' at Linden Lab's LSL Portal.

Getting Started: LSL Reference: Function Categories:
Whether you're new to scripting or an experienced programmer, these pages should help you learn to use LSL.

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Scripting Mentors
Scripting Groups
Scripting Teachers

Alternate Editors
Known Bugs & Debugging Tips
Revisions - What's new in LSL?
LSL Style Guide

Script Library
Protocol Exchange
Memory Usages
Already know how to script, and just need the reference?

Flow Control:
for, do-while, if-else, jump, return, state, while
Functions (see categories to right)
assignment, binary, bitwise, boolean, unary
integer, float, vector, rotation, key, string, list

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