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LSL Wiki : volume

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volume is the float argument to a number of sound functions. Valid values range from 0.0 through 1.0; anything higher is treated as 1.0. Sound playback at a volume of 1.0 can potentially be heard from a great distance away, so courtesy dictates that it should be done with considerable reluctance and caution, if at all.

Depending on one's distance/rolloff factor audio SL preferences, a normalized sound clip played at volume 1.0 can be heard in all directions up to about 128m from the source task, an area of over 51000m^2. Indefinitely looping sounds at a volume of 1.0 is potentially griefing because it is likely to be heard throughout most of a sim in an unsolicited manner. Audio played at a volume of 0.05 is audible for about 7m from the source task, or over an area of about 150m^3.

Volume-related audible ranges work differently with llTriggerSoundLimited, where the audible range is explicitly specified with bounding position coordinates. llTriggerSound is also slightly different in that the sound is fixed at the task's position at the time of playback start, regardless of whether or not the task subsequently moves while the sound continues to play.

A volume is also another, though rarely used, name for a prim. (Prims are referred to as "volume" in the debug menu.)

Volume is also used in the llVolumeDetect function, referring to volume - an avatar or object - entering the task.

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