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Obviously, text is used throughout SL's user interface and LSL in script code, but text also appears in notecards and there are certain functions that deal specifically with text:


Many functions use string parameters to set user-interface text fields, like names.

User Interface | LSL | String
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1. Humans have been writing for thousands of years. Writing is as common place as water. Defining text on a technical wiki is like saying "humans need water to survive", it's stating the obvious.
1a. Stating it's used in the interface is self apparent.
1b. Stating it's used for writing LSL code is self apparent.
2. The information on this page is vague; nowhere does it state what character formats LL uses.
3. The information on this page pertains mostly to UserInterface, which is where it should be found
4. "string text parameters" is nonsensical.
4a. "text" isn't defined in LSL, it isn't a modifier. Using as a modifier will only confuse people.
4b. strings can contain characters without unique visual representation. Text is a visual medium, a string fails to meet the visual requirement of text.
5. All the functions listed deal with strings, as by the previous argument, strings are not text, these functions fail to meet the text requirement.
6. The notecard format uses ASCII-127, the upper range of ASCII characters (128 -> 255) are reserved for inventory handling withing notecards. As these are not traditional text, notecards fail to meet the strict text requirement.
-- BlindWanderer (2006-02-17 23:52:54)
I have taken the liberty of removing all obvious or incorret information.
As there is non left. Please delete this page.
-- BlindWanderer (2006-02-17 23:54:09)
Leave it alone or you're banned from editing this page, BW. Stop being a wiki troll.
-- EepQuirk (2006-02-18 02:04:07)
I gave valid arguements, and you reverted the notecards -> notecard link fix.
That said, i will be the better man and let this missinformation stand.
-- BlindWanderer (2006-02-18 02:12:29)
Well, better than a wiki troll anyway; dunno about man...
-- EepQuirk (2006-02-18 02:19:57)
1*: So what? What's obvious/apparent to you may not be obvious/apparent to someone else. I'm simply trying to be concise.
2. Character format? ASCII?
3. I will reference text on user interface then.
4. Strings can be parameters. Strings can be text. Text strings are parameters. String text parameters are not nonsensical; you simply can't comprehend the combined meaning, obviously.
4a,5. Confuse how? Define "unique visual representation". See above for more clarification about strings as text.
6. I wrote text APPEARS in notecards, not text ONLY makes up notecards (and I certainly wasn't as anal as you in stating which ASCII ranges appear in notecards).

Learn to think relatively, BW, and stop being argumentative.
-- EepQuirk (2006-03-08 05:37:02)
Put your handbags away.
-- HazVega (2006-04-05 03:43:02)
Fair enough
-- HazVega (2006-04-06 02:50:25)
I ask two things: First, what's the purpose of creating a page for text of all things? On the offchance someone can't figure it out? I suppose I can kind of see the purpose of this as a sort of category of text-related functions, but still. Second, since it has been created, what's the point of complaining about it?
-- DolusNaumova (2006-04-27 17:09:41)
You bring up a good point, it has left me scratching my head. I have only been able to think of a couple reasons. 1) How does this page fit into the grand plan? The wiki must have a mission statement of some sort; it doesn't fit 2) There are better ways to waste our time.

For the future I'll take this to heart.
-- BlindWanderer (2006-04-29 03:50:33)
I created this page mainly to list text-specific functions. Sure, one could just search for "text" but I thought it'd be easier this way since I've created pages for other terms too.
-- EepQuirk (2006-05-02 22:49:14)
It might be of some value here to at least cover some of the vagaries of how LSL and SL in general deal with UTF-8 text, since there are inconsistencies that are of interest there... will check for the pages that do deal with this and try to provides some "useful" linkage.
-- AzadineUmarov (2007-10-12 14:07:08)
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