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When you create an object within SL, you "rez" it. Yes, it's a verb. Let's conjugate it! "I rezzed a prim." "I will rez a prim." "I am rezzing a prim."

The term comes from the 1980s movie Tron, in which the word "de-rezz" was used as shorthand for saying that an object had "de-resolved", or faded out. So, to "rez" an object is to make it come into resolution.

Performance Advisory
Always use temp-on-rez when rezzing a large number of "disposable" objects such as bullets or other projectiles. Doing this allows them to automatically be cleaned up, should they break or encounter no-script land. This is both good scripting practice, as well as good for your sim and neighbours. It also keeps you and your customers happy by not getting complaints sent after them.


llGodLikeRezObject Only usable by Lindens; placed here for the sake of completeness.
llRezAtRoot Rezzes an object at the coordinates of the root prim in a linked object.
llRezObject Rezzes an object at a point less than 10m away from the rezzor object.
llSetPrimitiveParams Sets the temp-on-rez property of an object. This makes it automatically die, regardless of whether or not it has entered no-script land, or if its script has failed. All bullets should be set to temp-on-rez.


on_rez triggered in the rezzed object as soon as it has been rezzed.
object_rez triggered in the rezzer object after it rezzes the new object.

Q: That's great, but how do I delete a prim?
A: To delete or "de-rez", you want llDie.

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