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LSL Wiki : notecard

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A notecard is a Second Life inventory item (basically a text file), and has a key that can be acquired manually by right-clicking a notecard and selecting "Copy UUID to clipboard". Notecards can contain any type and number of inventory items embedded into the text (objects, clothes, textures, other notecards, landmarks, etc.).

Notecards are limited in size to 64KiB of text.

Notecards can be read using llGetNotecardLine() unless they contain any inventory items as described above.

Function Description
llGetNotecardLine This function fetches line number of notecard name and returns the data through the dataserver event.
llGetNumberOfNotecardLines Returns number of lines in the notecard name via the dataserver event.
llGiveInventory Gives a notecard. The notecard's contents are displayed, and the user has the option to keep or discard the it by clicking buttons at the bottom of the notecard window. This is an easy way to create a popup text display.

Event Description
changed Triggered when a notecard (or other inventory item) is added or removed from an object.
dataserver Triggered when calls to llGetNotecardLine or llGetNumberOfNotecardLines returns data.

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How does LSL handle the embedded notecard data? Is it just discarded?
-- GuzarFonzarelli (2004-01-21 01:04:24)