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LSL Wiki : llWhisper

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llWhisper(integer channel, string text)

Whispers text on channel. llWhisper range is a 10m radius sphere.

Note: A long string for text will be truncated to 1023 bytes.

llWhisper(0, "Hello Avatar!");
Chat Output:
Hello, Avatar!

Like avatars, objects can use "/me" on channel 0. Thus, if an object named "Your dog" had a script with the line:
llWhisper(0, "/me wants steak.");
The chat output would be:
Your dog wants steak.

Scripts with listens will get the text without "/me". In the above example, a script listening on channel 0 would get the message "wants steak". There is currently no way for a script to see if the speaker has said "/me".


DEBUG_CHANNEL 2147483647

If using this function to only communicate information back to the script owner, please consider using llOwnerSay instead, to help reduce chat spam (available as of SL 1.6).

Q: Why doesn't my object pick up it's own spoken chat text in listen()?
A: Objects do not 'hear' themselves talk. This helps prevent infinite loops which would probably happen often if objects could hear themselves. For example, if your script returned a message saying 'Unknown command', you could go into an infinite loop easily if you didn't filter out 'Unknown command'. This applies to all of the local chat functions: llWhisper, llSay, and llShout.

Compare with llSay, llShout, llOwnerSay, llInstantMessage, and llMessageLinked

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How can an avatar whisper? :)
-- GwynethLlewelyn (2006-03-17 16:30:09)
Not that i know of
-- BlindWanderer (2006-03-17 22:15:47)
It can, though only through an object intermediary. You'd have to say something on a private channel ("/5 foo", for example) and have an object listen and whisper that text on channel 0.
-- ChristopherOmega (2006-04-03 07:18:41)
Removed PUBLIC_CHANNEL as a constant, since it isn't one.
-- BurnmanBedlam (2006-06-22 08:30:56)
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