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LSL Wiki : llStringTrim

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string llStringTrim(string text, integer trim_type)

Outputs a string eliminating whitespace from the start and/or end of the specified string.

Constants for trim_type:
STRING_TRIM_HEAD: trim all leading spaces in text
STRING_TRIM_TAIL: trim all trailing spaces in text
STRING_TRIM: trim all leading and trailing spaces in text

In this case, whitespace can mean:

To eliminate all whitespace:
llStringTrim(" Testing 1 2 3 ", STRING_TRIM);
"Testing 1 2 3"

To eliminate only the starting whitespace:
llStringTrim(" \tTesting 1 2 3 ", STRING_TRIM_HEAD);
"Testing 1 2 3 "

To eliminate only the ending whitespace:
llStringTrim(" Testing 1 2 3 \n", STRING_TRIM_TAIL);
" Testing 1 2 3"

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