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LSL Wiki : llSleep

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llSleep(float sec)

Puts the script to sleep for sec seconds. During this time, the current event will not be exited, no other events will be processed.
(As a comment notes, new events are still queued, but it looks like only one event of each type will actually queue while the script sleeps(/delays?). Anyone know more about that?)

llSleep has its uses, but can be inconvenient. See llSetTimerEvent and the timer() event for an alternative that allows other events to be executed while waiting.

A quick test shows the time actually slept seems to differ up to about .1 seconds from the requested amount.

See ScriptDelay for more information on how llSleep affects script execution.

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Will events still queue during the sleep, or are they discarded?
-- ChristopherOmega (2004-02-17 20:55:00)
Events (like timer events) are always queued when they happen, BUT! No event-handlers are called during llSleep(). When you call llSleep(), nothing in your script gets run. It's not like a thread-sleep; LSL Scripts are single-threaded.

(Obviously, other things get run on the sim while your script sleeps.)
-- DavanCamus (2005-09-17 14:14:32)
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