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LSL Wiki : llSetVehicleFlags

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llSetVehicleFlags(integer flag)

llSetVehicleFlags sets special vehicle behaviors.

There are a few aspects of vehicle behavior that are not defined in the parameters which help define special cases such as vehicles that can only hover over water, or can not motor vertically. The correct vehicle flag settings go a long way toward creating a good vehicle.

Like the vehicle parameters, these should be set after a vehicle type is defined. Multiple flags can be set at once by ORing them together. Flags can be removed using llRemoveVehicleFlags.

Flag constants:
Constant Value Description
VEHICLE_FLAG_NO_DEFLECTION_UP 1 Prevents linear deflection parallel to world-z axis
VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_ROLL_ONLY 2 Removes vertical attraction for changes in vehicle pitch
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_WATER_ONLY 4 Hover only pays attention to water level
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_TERRAIN_ONLY 8 Hover only pays attention to terrain height
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_GLOBAL_HEIGHT 16 Hover only pays attention to global height
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_UP_ONLY 32 Hover only pushes up
VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_MOTOR_UP 64 Prevents ground vehicles from motoring into the sky
VEHICLE_FLAG_MOUSELOOK_STEER 128 Makes vehicle try to turn toward mouselook direction
VEHICLE_FLAG_MOUSELOOK_BANK 256 Makes vehicle try to turn toward mouselook direction assuming banking is enabled
VEHICLE_FLAG_CAMERA_DECOUPLED 512 Causes the camera look-at axis to NOT move when the vehicle rotates

// Set the vehicle to hover at a global height instead of over terrain.

//Turn off vertical deflection and motors

//Remove all the flags

Retired Names:
Old Name New Name

From the SL 1.4 Preview Notes (very out of date)

Andrew Linden posted:

Mouselook control of vehicles in 1.4

(One benefit of this feature is that, when used with a "decoupled camera" (see below), it should make vehicles much easier to steer, especially for people with bad client-side FPS.)

Setting the new VEHICLE_FLAG_MOUSELOOK_STEER flag will change the meaning of the VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION:

  1. When in mouselook the vehicle will try to turn such that it points in the same direction as your camera. The motor's speed about each axis is scaled by the components of VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION parameter. That is, if you want the angular motor to ONLY swing the vehicle left and right (rotations about the vehicle's z-axis) then you might set it to something like <0,0,5> which would zero the x- and y-components of the motor (roll and pitch) while scaling the z-component (yaw) by 5. So if the mouse is looking PI/4 radians to the left, then the motor would try to rotate the vehicle at 5*PI/4 radians/second about its z-axis.
  2. The VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE is still in effect, so if you want to make the vehicle responsive, set it to a short timescale, and if you want the vehicle to be sluggish then set it to something long. However, VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DECAY_TIMESCALE has no meaning when using "mouselook steer".

There is also a new flag called VEHICLE_FLAG_MOUSELOOK_BANK. Basically it is the same as the _STEER flag, except it interprets "yaw" as input for "roll". Combined with banking behavior the vehicle should bank left when you mouse left.

Note: when setting the motor direction using _MOUSELOOK_BANK flag the components of the motor direction scale the speed after the rotation of the input. So if you wanted to limit the angular motor to only "roll" (no pitch) you would set the angular motor to something like <5,0,0>.

Also note:

By default the mouselook direction WILL CHANGE when the vehicle you are sitting on moves. So when you move the mouse away from center the vehicle will continue to turn until you center the mouse again. To disconnect the mouslook camera from the vehicle's rotation you need to also set the VEHICLE_FLAG_CAMERA_DECOUPLED flag. I think most of you will want to enable this flag when using mouse control of vehicles.

Right now the mouselook mode only works when in mouselook, so when you go out of mouselook the vehicle will no longer be steerable. This is one of the things I'll try to fix before 1.4's actual release.

Also, Richard Linden wants to make mouse countrols work when in a 3rd person view, but he probably won't get that in for 1.4 before release. Probably in a patch.

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Why is there a limit on how low you can mouselook when using VEHICLE_FLAG_CAMERA_DECOUPLED ? This is very annoying, can look straight up but not straight down. VEHICLE_FLAG_CAMERA_DECOUPLED is useful but with the limit it is not useful for what i need it to do. so ive had to disable it so i have less control but get the desirable angle which is needed :S
-- PolAris (2005-12-05 11:22:28)
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