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LSL Wiki : llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin

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llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin(integer pin)

If pin is set to a non-zero number, the task will accept remote script loads via llRemoteLoadScriptPin if passed the matching PIN. Otherwise llRemoteLoadScriptPin is ignored.

Note: at some point, the behavior of llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin has changed. As of SL 1.5.14, the PIN is now treated as a property of the primitive. If the script that calls llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin() is deleted, the PIN still remains set and the prim will recieve scripts sent to it. This was not always the case.
This function supports negative indexes.

Note: This function delays the script for 0.2 seconds.

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Can these PIN numbers be any Integer in the same was chat channels, or do they have to be positive or something?
Also, if the PIN is zero, does that make the script access off again?
-- HaravikkMistral (2005-12-07 05:35:33)
the pin can be any integer positive or negative and if the number is zero then it is off.
-- BlindWanderer (2005-12-07 13:52:12)
if i want to update a script in a child-prim, do i need to set a PIN in the child-prim?
Or is a PIN in the root-prim OK as well for all child prims?
-- (2007-12-23 02:28:37)
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