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LSL Wiki : llRot2Axis

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vector llRot2Axis(rotation rot);

Returns the axis of rotation of rot.

Compare to llRot2Angle.

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Functions | Rotation
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Don't like my simplification, BW? Some of these descriptions are quite wordy (unnecessarily, even)...
-- EepQuirk (2005-04-26 11:34:51)
Your simplification didn't help define what hte function was doing, but you are right it was wordy.
Axis Angle is one of the 4 popular ways of storing a rotation, the other two are Matrix and Euler.
-- BlindWanderer (2005-05-01 02:53:16)
Examples and explanations would probably be helpful to many people.
-- SuezanneCBaskerville (2006-06-11 07:37:08)
LibraryRotationFunctions has one.
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-11 12:26:38)
I'm so glad you're gone Eep you fucking shithead.
-- (2007-08-27 23:26:47)
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