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LSL Wiki : llReleaseControls

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Releases control previously taken with llTakeControls.

Note: releasing control will unset PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS. To take control again, re-request the permission with llRequestPermissions.

Q: If you call release controls and PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS is not set will this trigger a script error?
A: No. In fact, it's a good idea to call it immediately before llTakeControls, as this seems to help avoid control issues where controls are being passed on where they should not be.

Q: If llReleaseControls() unsets PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS, can you still use other permissions the script has been granted?
A: Yes, probably. In testing with a script that requests PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS and PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION, animations can still be triggered after a call to llReleaseControls().

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