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LSL Wiki : llMinEventDelay

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llMinEventDelay(float delay)

Sets the minimum amount of time, in seconds, between any event calls. Any delay 0.05 or less has no effect. As an example, it is useful if you would like to increase the amount of time between calls such as touch or collision, thereby decreasing load on server resources.

Q: Will setting llMinEventDelay affect events that have internal timers, such as llSetTimerEvent and llSensorRepeat? If so, how does it affect these events?
A: I did some testing and here's what I got with a freshly compiled script with llMinEventDelay(float delay). These were counted using the highly-scientific "one mississipi" method since I don't have a stopwatch.

At this point my brain melted.

See script delay for more information.

Q: After doing all this testing I question the usefulness of this function in light of the apparent randomness of its effect. Would one of my betters like to comment on how it might be used?
A: It seems to me that for touch or collision events, it might still be useful. You're right though, it's pretty limited.

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Heh, I was wondering why an increase in event frequency would decrease server load. ^_~
-- GuzarFonzarelli (2004-01-22 21:52:06)
Hmm, I wonder what happens when you set it to a negative number!!! :evil grin:
-- ChristopherOmega (2004-04-24 22:48:12)
Nice work, Julian.
-- EzharFairlight (2004-05-14 10:27:58)
What happens when you set a negative number?
-- Bobbyb30Zohari (2007-01-13 11:57:53)
I use to know, I believe it rounds up to zero.
-- BlindWanderer (2007-01-14 07:57:18)
A:*This is the only logical solution I see to stopping collisions with touch heavy scripts, there is a need for more use of this function.
-- (2007-04-10 06:38:17)
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