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LSL Wiki : llGetParcelPrimOwners

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list llGetParcelPrimOwners(vector pos)

Returns a strided list of keys and integers of up to 100 agents who own objects in the parcel at pos. The list is formatted as [ key agentKey1, integer agentCount1, key agentKey2, integer agentCount2, ... ], sorted by agent key.

The integers are counts of the number of prims (not objects) owned by the corresponding agents.

Sleeps the script for 2.0 seconds.

Function only works when the object owner is in the sim (likely the reason it doesn't work when deeded to group).

It seems that it will work even if the prim owners aren't there. The function is turned on when the owner of the parcel is in the sim, and doesn't turn off until a while after the owner leaves the sim. -- BirosTiros

I've tested this statement with an alt, up to 36 hours after logging off. The function does not require the presence of the owner(s) of the various objects, nor the owner of the object containing the script. See Kelly Linden's comment on SVC-25 for an exact description of the expected behavior of this function. -- SiannBeck December 6, 2007 (SL 1.18.5(3))

This function seems to work only for agents who could see this information anyways (i.e. land owners). Can someone who owns land please test this and fix my assumptions? -- KeknehvPsaltery

It seems to be controlled by the owners permissions in that group regardless if it is set to the group.-- GrumbleLoudon

Introduced in SL 1.12.4; released in 1.13.0

Currently it seems this command is bugged if you deed the containing object to group, causing the returned list to be empty, minimizing it's usefulness in security systems on group owned land --DragonEccleston

I just tested this on land owned by a group, in which I am a member. It returned the same result (full list) when it was set to no group, set to a different group, set to the landowning group, and deeded to land. Worked perfectly in ALL situations. Tested on 8th May 2007 -- WarKirby

See also

llRequestAgentData(key id, DATA_NAME) to get the owner's name.

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