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LSL Wiki : llGetObjectDetails

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list llGetObjectDetails(key id, list params)

Returns details of the object with the key id specified in the params list.
The details are returned inside a list in the same order as the parameters are given. The value OBJECT_UNKNOWN_DETAIL is returned inside the list for an unknown parameter given.



Query List Entry Type Object Application Agent Application
OBJECT_NAME string Returns object name. Similar to llKey2Name Returns agent name. Similar to llKey2Name
OBJECT_DESC string Returns object description. Returns empty string.
OBJECT_POS vector Returns object position. Returns agent position.
OBJECT_ROT rotation Returns object rotation. Returns agent rotation.
OBJECT_VELOCITY vector Returns object velocity. Returns agent velocity.
OBJECT_OWNER key Returns the key of the object owner.
Returns NULL_KEY if deeded to a group.
Returns agent key (identical to input key id)
OBJECT_GROUP key Returns the key of the object's set group. Returns NULL_KEY.
OBJECT_CREATOR key Returns the key of the object creator. Returns NULL_KEY.
OBJECT_RUNNING_SCRIPT_COUNT integer Returns the number of running scripts on the object. Returns the number of running scripts inside all of the agent's attachments.
OBJECT_TOTAL_SCRIPT_COUNT integer Returns the total number of scripts, running or not, on the object. Returns the total number of scripts, running or not, inside all of the agent's attachments.
OBJECT_SCRIPT_MEMORY integer Returns the maximum script memory that might be used by the object. Returns the maximum script memory that might be used by all of the agent's attachments.

list params = llGetObjectDetails(id, [OBJECT_NAME, OBJECT_POS, OBJECT_OWNER]);

A Better Example (it should be noted that this example will stop working when SVC-774 is implemented):
//A script that will, in an object, follow someone if they teleport - 
//and report back to you where they went (in global co-ords it goes and gets them, even on islands). 
//Using a hack in llGetObjectDetails.

//This script was made by some sandbox goers when llGetObjectDetails first came out. 
//This is actually derived from Jana Kamachi's version of the sandbox script 
//(although she is not the original script's creator) - messed around with by yours truely ;)

list    keys = [];
vector  last = <0,0,0>;


                integer i=0;
                list    temp;
                vector  raw;

                        temp = llGetObjectDetails(llList2Key(keys,i),[OBJECT_POS]);
                        raw  = llList2Vector(temp,0);
                        if((raw.x > 256 || raw.x < 0) || (raw.y > 256 || raw.y <0)){
                                llOwnerSay(llKey2Name(llList2Key(keys,i)) + " has left the sim to " + (string)raw);
                                last = raw;
                                keys = llDeleteSubList(keys,i,0);
                                jump home;

        sensor(integer n_m){
                integer i=0;
                                llOwnerSay("Indexed: " + llKey2Name(llDetectedKey(i)));

        changed(integer c){
                if(c  == CHANGED_TELEPORT){
                        keys = [];

        touch_start(integer n_m){

        listen(integer c, string name, key id, string msg){
- Tre Giles

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Comments [Hide comments/form]
This'd be very useful if it could get the info from objects in linked sets (especially Description, Group, Owner/Creator). I could finally finish a few old projects of mine. Anyone test this out yet?
-- (2007-09-07 08:26:47)
"was first introduced in 1.18.3"??? I only have 1.18.2!
-- (2007-09-11 14:25:30)
This doesn't seem to work for object in a prim's inventory. Any confirmations?
-- (2007-09-12 18:19:45)
You can use llGetLinkKey with this to get a child's position. Never tried it on anything else yet.
-- (2007-09-24 11:59:30)
I've heard that this can in affect follow people through teleports. Anyone have a clue on how this might be accomplished?
-- (2007-09-26 10:39:01)
Those tricks work like this: Calling the key of an avatar who recently teleported away from the sim your in will result in this function returning the position of the avatar in global coordinates.
-- KokiriSaarinen (2007-10-07 04:09:22)
I was hoping this really did return the positions of avatars. Unfortunately, it only returns the position of agents.
-- (2007-10-16 00:11:13)
agents and avatars are the same thing in this case
-- HarleenGretzky (2007-10-17 01:40:45)
I can confirm that this appears not to work for items in an object's inventory - that is a real shame.
-- c-2e5b70d5.034-221-73746f7.cust.bredbandsbolaget.s (2007-10-17 04:39:53)
does anyone know if it will always return ZERO_VECTOR for the position of an avatar not in range (once converted to vector of course)?

(by not in range I mean both outisde the 5 sims in the "cross" and offline)
-- (2007-10-21 03:47:43)
that last question was by me

and now another comment:

aparently this will work with attachments as well (but for stuff like position, it behaves like the commands like llGetPos if ran by an attachment, meaning it will return the avatar's info and not the info of the target prim itself) should this info be added to the article?
-- TigroSpottystripesKatsu (2007-10-21 04:40:01)
Yes, I took the risk of installing this client version (18.1.3) to be able to use this function in my script, only to find out that I am not able to get the description of a notecard in my object's inventory with it. It returns an empty list instead. :(
-- (2007-10-31 16:05:37)
I meant to say version 1.18.3 of course.
It turns out I can also not get the object creator of the notecards in my object's inventory, again I get an empty list returned.
-- (2007-11-01 06:52:03)
any ideas on how to have a script know when a target got out of range besides waiting till stuff like OBJECT_POS returns null? (not sure how it hapesn with objects, just tested with avs so far)
-- (2007-11-05 23:38:22)
mmm, interesting, the object detects me as being at <-24.59770, -34.04118, 50.00903> (notice both X and Y are negatives, I'm at a corner sim) and it still tracks my movements here somewhat.....
-- (2007-11-06 00:06:08)
this is anoying, those two comments I sent without realizing the thing forgot I was meant o be already logged :/
-- TigroSpottystripesKatsu (2007-11-06 01:01:49)
The official LL LSL wiki says that if the key given isn't in range, an empty list is returned...
-- (2008-01-03 13:53:48)
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