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LSL Wiki : llDumpList2String

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string llDumpList2String(list src, string separator)

Concatenates all items in the list src into a single string, placing the specified separator between values.

llParseString2List performs the opposite function.

list foo = ["a", "b", 5, ZERO_VECTOR];

llSay(0, llDumpList2String(foo, " + ")); // outputs: "a + b + 5 + <0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000>"

If you want to add to what comes out, it seems to Follow in this format
list foo = ["Bear","Cat","fish","bird"];
llSay(0,"11" + llDumpList2String(foo,"22+33") + "44");
//comes out 11Bear22+33Cat22+33fish22+33bird44
See also llList2CSV and ExampleListConversion.

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