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LSL Wiki : llAddToLandBanList

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llAddToLandBanList(key agent, float hours)

Adds agent to the parcel ban list for the specified number of hours. A value of 0 for hours will add agent indefinitely. The smallest value hours will accept is 0.01; anything smaller will be seen as 0. When values that small are used, it seems the function bans in 30 second increments (Probably 36 second increments, as 0.01 of an hour is 36 seconds). Residents teleporting to a parcel where they are banned will be redirected to a neighboring parcel.

Q: So, I cannot ban someone unless he's nearby or I know his key, making the land ban mechanism on scripted objects pretty useless, correct?
A: You cannot ban someone unless they are nearby or you know their key - but this doesn't make it useless. See the example script on llHTTPRequest for an example of a Name2Key script.

To remove a user to the land ban list, use llRemoveFromLandBanList.

To add or remove users from the land pass list, use llAddToLandPassList and llRemoveFromLandPassList.

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