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LSL Wiki : functionsnutshell

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integer llAbs(integer val)
float llAcos(float val)
void llAddToLandBanList(key agent, float hours)
void llAddToLandPassList(key agent, float hours)
void llAdjustSoundVolume(float volume)
void llAllowInventoryDrop(integer add)
float llAngleBetween(rotation a, rotation b)
void llApplyImpulse(vector force, integer local)
void llApplyRotationalImpulse(vector force, integer local)
float llAsin(float val)
float llAtan2(float y, float x)
void llAttachToAvatar(integer attachment)
key llAvatarOnSitTarget()
rotation llAxes2Rot(vector fwd, vector left, vector up)
rotation llAxisAngle2Rot(vector axis, float angle)


integer llBase64ToInteger(string str)
string llBase64ToString(string str)
void llBreakAllLinks()
void llBreakLink(integer linknum)


integer llCeil(float val)
void llClearCameraParams()
void llCloseRemoteDataChannel(key channel)
float llCloud(vector offset)
void llCollisionFilter(string name, key id, integer accept)
void llCollisionSound(string impact_sound, float impact_volume)
void llCollisionSprite(string impact_sprite)
float llCos(float theta)
void llCreateLink(key target, integer parent)
list llCSV2List(string src)


list llDeleteSubList(list src, integer start, integer end)
string llDeleteSubString(string source, integer start, integer end)
void llDetachFromAvatar()
vector llDetectedGrab(integer number)
integer llDetectedGroup(integer number)
key llDetectedKey(integer number)
integer llDetectedLinkNumber(integer number)
string llDetectedName(integer number)
key llDetectedOwner(integer number)
vector llDetectedPos(integer number)
rotation llDetectedRot(integer number)
integer llDetectedType(integer number)
vector llDetectedVel(integer number)
void llDialog(key id, string message, list buttons, integer chat_channel)
void llDie()
string llDumpList2String(list src, string separator)


integer llEdgeOfWorld(vector pos, vector dir)
void llEjectFromLand(key user)
void llEmail(string address, string subject, string message)
string llEscapeURL(string url)
rotation llEuler2Rot(vector vec)


float llFabs(float num)
integer llFloor(float val)
void llForceMouselook(integer mouselook)
float llFrand(float max)


vector llGetAccel()
integer llGetAgentInfo(key id)
vector llGetAgentSize(key id)
float llGetAlpha(integer face)
float llGetAndResetTime()
string llGetAnimation(key id)
list llGetAnimationList(key id)
integer llGetAttached()
list llGetBoundingBox(key object)
vector llGetCameraPos()
rotation llGetCameraRot()
vector llGetCenterOfMass()
key llGetCreator()
vector llGetColor(integer face)
string llGetDate()
float llGetEnergy()
vector llGetForce()
integer llGetFreeMemory()
vector llGetGeometricCenter()
float llGetGMTclock()
key llGetInventoryCreator(string item)
key llGetInventoryKey(string name)
string llGetInventoryName(integer type, integer number)
integer llGetInventoryNumber(integer type)
integer llGetInventoryPermMask(string item, integer mask)
integer llGetInventoryType(string name)
key llGetKey()
key llGetLandOwnerAt(vector pos)
key llGetLinkKey(integer linknum)
string llGetLinkName(integer linknum)
integer llGetLinkNumber()
integer llGetListEntryType(list src, integer index)
integer llGetListLength(list src)
vector llGetLocalPos()
rotation llGetLocalRot()
float llGetMass()
void llGetNextEmail(string address, string subject)
key llGetNotecardLine(string name, integer line)
key llGetNumberOfNotecardLines(string name)
integer llGetNumberOfPrims()
integer llGetNumberOfSides()
string llGetObjectDesc()
float llGetObjectMass(key id)
string llGetObjectName()
integer llGetObjectPermMask(integer mask)
integer llGetObjectPrimCount(key id)
vector llGetOmega()
key llGetOwner()
key llGetOwnerKey(key id)
list llGetParcelDetails(vector pos, list details)
integer llGetParcelFlags(vector pos)
integer llGetParcelMaxPrims(vector pos, integer sim_wide)
integer llGetParcelPrimCount(vector pos, integer category, integer sim_wide)
list llGetParcelPrimOwners(vector pos)
integer llGetPermissions()
key llGetPermissionsKey()
vector llGetPos()
list llGetPrimitiveParams(list params)
vector llGetRegionCorner()
integer llGetRegionFlags()
float llGetRegionFPS()
string llGetRegionName()
float llGetRegionTimeDilation()
vector llGetRootPosition()
rotation llGetRootRotation()
rotation llGetRot()
vector llGetScale()
string llGetScriptName()
integer llGetScriptState(string name)
string llGetSimulatorHostname()
integer llGetStartParameter()
integer llGetStatus(integer status)
string llGetSubString(string source, integer start, integer end)
vector llGetSunDirection()
string llGetTexture(integer side)
vector llGetTextureOffset(integer side)
float llGetTextureRot(integer side)
vector llGetTextureScale(integer side)
float llGetTime()
float llGetTimeOfDay()
string llGetTimestamp()
vector llGetTorque()
integer llGetUnixTime()
vector llGetVel()
float llGetWallclock()
viod llGiveInventory(key destination, string inventory)
viod llGiveInventoryList(key destination, string category, list inventory)
void llGiveMoney(key destination, integer amount)
void llGodLikeRezObject(key inventory, vector pos)
float llGround(vector offset)
vector llGroundContour(vector offset)
vector llGroundNormal(vector offset)
void llGroundRepel(float height, integer water, float tau)
vector llGroundSlope(vector offset)


key llHTTPRequest(string url, list parameters, string body)


string llInsertString(string dst, integer position, string src)
viod llInstantMessage(key user, string message)
string llIntegerToBase64(integer number)


string llKey2Name(key id)


string llList2CSV(list src)
float llList2Float(list src, integer index)
integer llList2Integer(list src, integer index)
key llList2Key(list src, integer index)
list llList2List(list src, integer start, integer end)
list llList2ListStrided(list src, integer start, integer end, integer stride)
rotation llList2Rot(list src, integer index)
string llList2String(list src, integer index)
vector llList2Vector(list src, integer index)
integer llListFindList(list src, list test)
list llListInsertList(list dest, list src, integer pos)
list llListRandomize(list src, integer stride)
list llListReplaceList(list dest, list src, integer start, integer end)
list llListSort(list src, integer stride, integer ascending)
float llListStatistics(integer operation, list input)
integer llListen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg)
void llListenControl(integer number, integer active)
void llListenRemove(integer number)
void llLoadURL(key avatar_id, string message, string url)
float llLog(float val)
float llLog10(float val)
void llLookAt(vector target, float strength, float damping)
void llLoopSound(string sound, float volume)
void llLoopSoundMaster(string sound, float volume)
void llLoopSoundSlave(string sound, float volume)


void llMakeExplosion(integer particles, float scale, float velocity, float lifetime, float arc, string texture, vector offset)(deprecated)
llMakeFire(integer particles, float scale, float velocity, float lifetime, float arc, string texture, vector offset)(deprecated)
llMakeFountain(integer particles, float scale, float velocity, float lifetime, float arc, string texture, vector offset)(deprecated)
llMakeSmoke(integer particles, float scale, float velocity, float lifetime, float arc, string texture, vector offset)(deprecated)
void llMapDestination(string simname, vector position, vector lookat)
string l[lMD5String(string src, integer nonce)
void llMessageLinked(integer linknum, integer num, string str, key id)
void llMinEventDelay(float delay)
void llModifyLand(integer action, integer size)
integer llModPow(integer a, integer b, integer c)
void llMoveToTarget(vector target, float tau)


void llOffsetTexture(float horizontal, float vertical, integer side)
void llOpenRemoteDataChannel()
integer llOverMyLand]](key id)
void llOwnerSay(string message)


void llParcelMediaCommandList(list command_list)
list llParcelMediaQuery(list query_list)
list llParseString2List(string src, list separators, list spacers)
list llParseStringKeepNulls(string src, list separators, list spacers)
void llParticleSystem(list parameters)
void llPassCollisions(integer pass)
void llPassTouches(integer pass)
void llPlaySound(string sound, float volume)
void llPlaySoundSlave(string sound, float volume)
void llPointAt(vector pos)
float llPow(float base, float exp)
void llPreloadSound(string sound)
void llPushObject(key id, vector impulse, vector angular_impulse, integer local)


void llRefreshPrimURL()
void llRegionSay(integer channel, string text)
void llReleaseCamera(key agent)
void llReleaseControls()
void llRemoteDataReply(key channel, key message_id, string sdata, integer idata)
void llRemoteDataSetRegion()
llRemoteLoadScript(key target, string name, integer running, integer start_param)(deprecated)
void llRemoteLoadScriptPin(key target, string name, integer pin, integer running, integer start_param)
void llRemoveFromLandBanList(key avatar)
void llRemoveFromLandPassList(key avatar)
void llRemoveInventory(string inventory)
void llRemoveVehicleFlags(integer flags)
key llRequestAgentData(key id, integer data)
key llRequestInventoryData(string name)
void llRequestPermissions(key agent, integer perm)
key llRequestSimulatorData(string simulator, integer data)
void llResetOtherScript(string name)
void llResetScript()
void llResetTime()
void llRezAtRoot(string inventory, vector pos, vector vel, rotation rot, integer param)
void llRezObject(string inventory, vector pos, vector vel, rotation rot, integer param)
float llRot2Angle(rotation rot)
vector llRot2Axis(rotation rot)
vector llRot2Euler(rotation rot)
vector llRot2Fwd(rotation rot)
vector llRot2Left(rotation rot)
vector llRot2Up(rotation rot)
rotation llRotBetween(vector a, vector b)
void llRotLookAt(rotation target, float strength, float damping);
integer llRotTarget(rotation rot, float error)
void llRotTargetRemove(integer number)
void llRotateTexture(float angle, integer side)
integer llRound(float value)


integer llSameGroup(key id)
void llSay(integer channel, string text)
void llScaleTexture(float horizontal, float vertical, integer side)
integer llScriptDanger(vector pos)
key llSendRemoteData(key channel, string dest, integer idata, string sdata)
void llSensor(string name, key id, integer type, float range, float arc)
void llSensorRemove()
void llSensorRepeat(string name, key id, integer type, float range, float arc, float rate)
void llSetAlpha(float alpha, integer face)
void llSetBuoyancy(float buoyancy)
void llSetCameraAtOffset(vector offset)
void llSetCameraEyeOffset(vector offset)
void llSetCameraParams(list rules)
void llSetColor(vector color, integer face)
void llSetDamage(float damage)
void llSetForce(vector force, integer local)
void llSetForceAndTorque(vector force, vector torque, integer local)
void llSetHoverHeight(float height, integer water, float tau)
void llSetLinkAlpha(integer linknumber, float alpha, integer face)
void llSetLinkColor(integer linknumber, vector color, integer face)
void llSetLinkPrimitiveParams(integer linknumber, list rules)
void llSetLinkTexture(integer link_pos, string texture, integer face)
void llSetLocalRot(rotation rot)
void llSetObjectDesc(string name)
void llSetObjectName(string name)
void llSetParcelMusicURL(string url)
void llSetPayPrice(integer price, list quick_pay_buttons)
void llSetPos(vector pos)
void llSetPrimURL(string url)
void llSetPrimitiveParams(list rule)
void llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin(integer pin)
void llSetRot(rotation rot)
void llSetScale(vector scale)
void llSetScriptState(string name, integer run)
void llSetSitText(string text)
void llSetSoundQueueing(integer queue)
void llSetSoundRadius(float radius)
void llSetStatus(integer status, integer value)
void llSetText(string text, vector color, float alpha)
void llSetTexture(string texture, integer side)
void llSetTextureAnim(integer mode, integer side, integer x_frames, integer y_frames, float start, float length, float rate)
void llSetTimerEvent(float sec)
void llSetTorque(vector torque, integer local)
void llSetTouchText(string text)
void llSetVehicleFlags(integer flag)
void llSetVehicleFloatParam(integer param_name, float param_value)
void llSetVehicleRotationParam(integer param_name, rotation param_value)
void llSetVehicleType(integer type)
void llSetVehicleVectorParam(integer param_name, vector param_value)
void llShout(integer channel, string text)
float llSin(float theta)
void llSitTarget(vector offset, rotation rot)
void llSleep(float sec)
llSoundPreload(key sound)(deprecated)
float llSqrt(float val)
void llStartAnimation(string anim)
void llStopAnimation(string anim)
void llStopHover()
void llStopLookAt()
void llStopMoveToTarget()
void llStopPointAt()
void llStopSound()
integer llStringLength(string src)
string llStringToBase64(string str)
string llStringTrim(string text, integer trim_type)
integer llSubStringIndex(string source, string pattern)


void llTakeCamera()
void llTakeControls(integer controls, integer accept, integer pass_on)
float llTan(float theta)
integer llTarget(vector position, float range)
void llTargetOmega(vector axis, float spinrate, float gain)
void llTargetRemove(integer tnumber)
void llTeleportAgentHome(key id)
string llToLower(string src)
string llToUpper(string src)
void llTriggerSound(string sound, float volume)
void llTriggerSoundLimited(string sound, float volume, vector tne, vector bsw)


string llUnescapeURL(string url)
void llUnSit(key id)


float llVecDist(vector v1, vector v2)
float llVecMag(vector v)
vector llVecNorm(vector v)
void llVolumeDetect(integer detect)


float llWater(vector offset)
void llWhisper(integer channel, string text)
vector llWind(vector offset)


string llXorBase64StringsCorrect(string s1, string s2)
llXorBase64Strings(string s1, string s2) deprecated
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