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Forum References

Pages that link to the Second Life forums followed by that link. The purpose of these is so that users (most notably Teen Grid users) who don't have access to them can get the information.

I cleaned this page up a bit and pointed out the links that still need to be clarified.-Dolus

llDialog - 1
The forum message is now old, many of the suggested features have been implemented.

llModPow - 1
I've cut and pasted this thread into the sandbox . As you can see, it is not formatted well enough to be wiki page, unless your willing to do a lot of work. And the actual amount of information in the thread is relatively small (This one actually has a hi info to junk ratio). I understand the frustration, but in the majority of cases, your not missing anything (Like a lot of things in life I'm afraid).

llList2ListStrided - 1
Awaiting resolution.

llGetDate - 1
Relevant information is already in the comments.

llSetStatus - 1
Summary of thread: Q. Can you make some prims in an object phantom and some solid? A. No. I cant find this link on the llSetStatus page to remove it

ChristopherOmega - 1 2 3
Awaiting resolution.

PetProtocol - 1
Is a thread thats suggests creating a pet protocol and refers back to the wiki.

Comment965 - 1
The bug described no longer exists.

llGiveInventory - 1
Link to the Linden release notes for version that says "Removed the limit on llGiveInventory."

This page may, and probably will be, updated. Check often.
Dolus, the problem is that most of these links lead to threads that sometimes, but not always, contain useful information. Often the information is out of date. The only way thing I could think of doing would be to text dump each message thread to a separate Wiki page. Given the small amount of information in the messages as a whole, I'm reluctant to do that. Was there a particular one you were interested in? - TiPBaKeR

Just in general, all of them. Sometimes the information may be useful, others may not. In many cases wiki pages refer to the forum post for more information. For those of us on the Teen Grid, we won't be able to access those references. - Dolus
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