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LSL Wiki : controls

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Controls can be various things in SL, from UI elements to functions to events to constants. The avatar and camera can be specifically controlled through LSL but another type of control is flow control. Also, vehicles and weapons tend to have special controls (usually with mouselook and/or a HUD).




Agent/Avatar | Flow Control | Permissions
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"Controls can be various things in SL, from UI elements to functions to events to constants. "

Hell, everything is a control! :-D

Let's make a page that clearly violates wiki plurality naming conventions, just because we want the LSL wiki to be an all-encompassing glossary! Readers dont understand words like the "instance" in the phrase "for instance"! We need a page on it! :-D
-- ChristopherOmega (2006-06-18 17:34:51)
Um, Chris, control is already taken. Why aren't you complaining about functions then? I tried to use function to explain what it was but ohhhhhh nooooooo--Catherine didn't LIKE that. Shut up and stop being a troll.
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-18 18:11:06)
Eep, please adhere to the TOS/CS and stop with the personal attacks and insults.
-- BurnmanBedlam (2006-06-18 18:29:02)
STILL again, Burnman, just worry about yourself.
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-18 18:39:59)
Chris, control doesn't have a list of control-related functions, events, or constants like other topic summary pages do. Either fix up control to be more general (at first), or leave this page in...please. <twitch>
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-19 19:07:04)
I know control does not have a list of functions with "control" in their names. That's because the definition of control in the context of LSL is not what you have written on this page. If you only created these kinds of "glossary pages" sparingly and wrote on them only specialized, relevant info, then I wouldnt hesitate to correct them. However, you have been consistantly creating pages that have needed major revision, and Im getting tired.

When scripters talk about "controls" they are referring only to PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS, the control event, llTakeControls, llReleaseControls and those function's capabilities.
-- ChristopherOmega (2006-06-19 20:17:48)
Are they, Chris? Obviously, your definition/understanding of "control" needs broadening because LL thinks otherwise. Like I said, I would've put this on control but that page is about the event. See above for further reasons in case you missed them...again. Perhaps event pages could be renamed Event<event>--like EventControl--so general category pages like this won't be confusing to some.
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-19 23:36:09)
Eep, when you make statements like "because LL thinks otherwise" about something, could you please cite your sources?
-- BurnmanBedlam (2006-06-21 08:51:06)
Um, it's pretty obvious controls refer more to than just events, Burnman. Take a look above to see how. I'll wait here. I'll even add some more...
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-21 13:03:02)
I'm not arguing what you wrote... I am asking if your statement that LL had an opinion on the matter was based on your perception of the data, or if it had a different source.

We might get along better if you don't assume everything I say is an attack. :)
-- BurnmanBedlam (2006-06-21 13:15:08)
Surely you can understand my response to your questions considering your recent, previous attacks? Anyway, yes, it's based on my perception of LSL (which I thought was fairly obvious but I guess not). Sorry.
-- EepQuirk (2006-06-21 14:32:26)
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