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My Rate Is $20 USD per hour
w/10% Deposit Per Project
(Building, LSL, Animations, Avies, Sounds, Textures, Voice Overs, PHP/MySql, XML, and HTML.)
<That Means I Can Do Basicly Anything>
*Example Work Provided on Request*
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Hi Vicero Lambert:
I am interested in use a tool to teach in SL. The tool is a WhiteBoard which must have alt least three tools:
- Pen (with diifferent colors and thickness)
- Eraser (two or more thickness) and capability to erase all with only one click
- Hightlighter (4 colors and thickness)

NOTE 1: We should write using a Tablet directly to this WhiteBoard or some other way but, it must be faster.
NOTE 2: I know two Boards in Second Life: WhiteBoard from AngryBeth Shrortbread and MarkerBoard from Cubist Scarborough (This second one is the most similar to I am looking for but it has some drawbacks: I need to paint in a regular web and it will be updated after 10 seconds and we need to paint directly over the Second Life Board

My Question: Do you think that is possible?
-- (2007-05-29 01:29:36)
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