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St. Psaltery someone who didn't bother to make their name link to something. someone who felt making a page after one's self, when said page contributed nothing to LSL, was somewhat egotistical. Furthermore, though not feeling strongly enough about this to comment on others, he felt making a page on himself distracts from the purpose of the wiki for no purpose whatsoever.

Though, what is done is done, I suppose. *grins* Personally, I feel that not linking one's name is almost a philosophical statement that speaks of the importance of the work over the worker. :)

BW says: I like to know a bit about the other authors; after someone has done a few edits and gotten accustomed to the wiki engine it's nice to see them taking the time to create a user page. The user pages are great places for feedback and keeping simple scripts (that otherwise have no home). IMHO it's kinda egotistical to make one before doing any edits. (your welcome to delete this comment)

St. Psaltery says: I see the logic in what you say, and I have to say that I agree completely now that I hear a good argument for user pages. As for deleting your comment, I like to keep discussions on record as well as the result of them, as sometimes the path one traveled is as important as the destination. :)

RJ says: I think having a user page is cool for the above reasons. I admit to being a bit averse to seeing a bunch of personal names/links on reference pages that should represent purely public information. Putting your name on a chunk of a regular page is like claiming ownership over that piece and the vast majority I see don't add to the content of the page. Some people seem to like to see their name on as many pages as possible. The credit you receive by seeing your name under the change history for that page would seem sufficient for most egos. If you want to take credit for a specific chunk of code then maybe the Examples or ScriptLibrary pages are the spot for that. Taking credit for a simple example of a few lines that's probably been done many times over already seems a bit lame to me. And spamming your name all over is most likely not having the positive impact on the community's opinion of you that you think. I'm actually going to start being more active about removing cruft in the standard pages. Hope no one minds ;-)
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Who are you in-game? You're on the scripting mentors page, but I can't find you. Did you mistakenly post yourself on the main listing instead of the teen listing?
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2006-03-17 12:50:53)
I am Stephen Psaltery. It never occured to me that people wouldn't be able to find me based on an obscure abbreviation. I blame it on a late night muse.
-- StPsaltery (2006-05-14 21:21:24)