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Yeah, I'm creating myself a user page. No real point specifically, except perhaps getting help with my projects. So, here they are;

Nuclear weapon with ICBM delivery- Yes, I am working on one. Right now I have built the object, along with the ICBM delivery system. I think I can set up the delivery system if I tag the actual bomb to follow the ICBM when it "jumps" to its new global position, but I still need some data about finding global positions so that I don't accidentally bomb the in-world SL HQ or something. I also require some clarification as to the max height that a physical object (my ICBM) can jump to without getting removed by the "too-high unmanned object patrol" while still being able to be above the upper limit of no-script zones, and hopefully keeping the bomb above that too.
For the nuke itself, I think that I can handle the particle effects of the explosion, but I am unsure about the visual range of the explosion. I want it to be very impressive looking, even from a safe distance. However, I have had problems getting things to push whatever they collide with to imitate the actual shockwave, and could use help with programming a wonderfully devastating explosion.

Santabot- Using similar coding to the ICBM, I want this thing to go to the area of a person whose ID I send it to and give them an item in a way much cooler than simply giving it to them through IM. This project is secondary to the nuke, but may be used to test the effect without POing lots of people, as the nuke assuredly would.

Acquiring L$ 28,000- This is so that I could become a premium member without a cent of $RL. I assume that various, uh, "specialty groups" would be very willing to pay obnoxious amounts for a working nuke, so that becomes a priority. However, i have learned of the existence of money trees and would interested if someone could tell me where one is. Other ways I thought of to make money involve building a store and setting it up in the sandbox whenever I log on. If anyone has tips at other ways to make money, please tell me. I have numerous cool things to sell, such as a Mario outfit and possibly a working BattleMech if I can get the attachments and animations fixed. Please give me ideas on where I could sell these things. Thanks!

Well that just about sums me up for now, aside from the fact that I cannot leave Campus TSL currently. I'll update this as it changes.
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Keep in mind the TOS and Community Standards while you're building your nuke. You wouldn't want to get yourself banned or suspended :-)

There is currently no way to know someone's position via LSL who is not within 96 meters of you. You could tie your script to something external like libsecondlife and use the mapping API to track the people on your friends list. The system (rightfully) makes it very difficult to do so otherwise.

Money trees give out small amounts of linden dollars every day - I think it may be as low as L$1 per person per day. They're a way new people can get started and functioning without spending US$.
-- ChristopherOmega (2007-01-18 07:06:18)
Oh, I wasn't planning on it being able to be detonated in a "safe area," but nevertheless people still probably would want one for combat zones. Nukes are, after all, ultimate weapons. If one is detonated over an enemy base in a warzone, it would utterly obliterate it. After I learn how to find global coordinates, I could just go to the areas and create a list of areas it is allowed to explode in and disable detonation in any other areas. Plus, the Herald had an article about a massively destructive nuclear rocket launcher that yielded about 5 kilotons equivalently, and it encouraged its use and showed a picture of it being detonated over a civilian area. Anyway, since a nuke is so destructive, I only need to know the global coordinates of individual parcels. If you could tell me more about how to do that, that would be nice.
-- SovereignTaov (2007-01-21 14:05:48)
Hmm -- What about a 'targeting prim'. Something the Nuke-er needs to plant, where the Nuke-ee is. You might could get co-ords that way.

HTH, UNK if it's possible :P
-- (2007-03-01 22:37:32)
Sovereign, do you have Xfire, Skype, or Email?

That or IM Cory Bjornson, inworld.
-- (2007-12-18 17:53:57)
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