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Second Life Scripting Groups

Feel free to add your Scripting related group to the list. Also update this page so that it looks better. :-)

Main Grid Scripting Groups

Group Name In alphabetical orderDescription
Advanced Scripters of Second LifeWhere experienced scripters go to get away from the noise and for novel scripting questions.
Basic Scripting Group Entry Level Group for the Non-Scripter to learn how to script in LSL & share ideas
GermanLSLGroupRegelmaessige Workshops sowie andere Events werden angeboten. Die Bekanntmachung erfolgt ueber die Gruppenmitteilung. Erfahrungen rund um LSL koennen im Gruppen-IM oder in Kursen ausgetauscht werden.
Scripters of Second LifeThe biggest and best scripting group, chock full of helpful people, always available to answer questions!
ScriptsA very useful moderated Group with many experts that help in Groupchat. Contains a well-organized scripts repository in-world (check Notices for Location) with thousands of categorized scriptes. Over 1000 members.
LSLWikiHelp LSL Wiki Help is a group of LSL wiki mentors dedicated to helping & willing to help you with your LSL needs.
Professional Script Writers Guild The Professional Script Writers Guild helps provide the Second Life community a more trustworthy LSL scripting industry, and to develop easier methods for Second Life users to find talented script writers.

Teen Grid Scripting Groups

Group Name In alphabetical orderDescription
Scripting Mentors Scripting Mentors is a group of some good scripters who are willing to help you script. We are here to answer your questions about lsl and give you helpful tips
Scripters of the Teen Grid Scripters of the Teen Grid is a good place to ask questions about LSL, but beware of flaming if you didn't look it up on the wiki first!

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