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Version 1.1 Name Proposal v2

Name Structure

All interactive object names MUST have the following name structure

8 digit Hexidecimal classification bitfield, Seperator, Species Name


0x00000000|Species Name

Hexidecimal Classification


V - Version(4 bits)

Version number changes if the compatibility of the name or the chat protocol changes. Version will only use the 3 least significant bits of this portion to avoid turning the number negative. Version 1 objects MUST NOT communicate with a version they don't understand. Version 1 objects MAY communicate with a different version if they understand it. Version 1 objects SHOULD abort communications if they recieve an unexpect response from any version. When sending a message to a different version Version 1 objects MUST format the message according the protocol of the recieving version. The first 3 characters in the name of Version 1 objects MUST be "0x1"

T - Toggles(4 bits)

bit assignment - UFWD

Version 1 contains space for 4 binary toggles. These Toggles are not broken down by species type and apply across the board if toggled on.

U - Unassigned
F - Flys(Hex 4) This toggle MUST be ON if the object is currently capable of directed flight(MAY be on for ballistic flight) This toggle MUST be off if the Dead toggle is on.
W - Water This toggle indicates whether an object spends its time on Land or in Water. This toggle MUST be on if the object spends all its time in the water. This toggle SHOULD be on if amphibious object spends most of it's time in the water. This toggle MAY be on if an amphibious object spends most of it's time on land.
D - Dead(Hex value 1) This toggle MUST be turned on if the object is dead and is still interactive.

Currently Dead is the only state based toggle. Flys and Water are stateless. Ex an object Flys regardless if it's currently flying. Amphibious creatures MUST keep water either toggled on or off regardless if they are in the water or on land currently. Toggles MUST be combined in more than one should be on.

M - Major Classification(4 bits)

bit assignment - URAP

U - Unassigned
R - Robot(Hex 4)This toggle MAY be combined with A or P Hex 6 in this slot indicates a robotic animal. Hex 5(Robotic Plant) MUST NOT be assigned unless the robot draws resources from the ground in competition with plants.
A - Animal(Hex 2) This toggle MUST NOT be combined with Plant.
P - Plant(Hex 1) This toggle MUST NOT be combined with Animal.

SS - Sub Classification: modifies Major Classification(8 bits)

Animal Subclassification

bit assignment - UUUUUCOH

U - Unassigned
C - Carnivore(HEX 04)
O - Omnivore(HEX 02)
H - Herbivore(HEX 01)

Plant Subclassification

bit assignment - UUUUTBLS

U - Unassigned
T - Tree(HEX 08)
B - Brush(HEX 04)
L - Leafy(HEX 02)
S - Seed(HEX 01)

To the animal world plant classifications indicate shape and difficulty to eat. To the plant world classifications indicate the layers plants draw resources from.

Subclassifications in Version 1 MUST NOT be combined. Be aware the same Subclassification bits will be set on a Carnivore as on Brush.

I - Intra Species Classification(4 bits)

bit assignment - AAAA

A - Available These bits MAY be assigned as the species developer sees fit. Usage of these bits SHOULD be minimal and SHOULD only be used to indicate major differences. Ex between seed and plant of the same species.

F - Food Types Offered(8 bits)

Animal Food

bit assignment - UUUUUUUM

U - Unassigned
M - Meat(HEX 1)

Plant Food

bit assignment - UUWRLNSF

U - Unassigned
W - Wood(Hex 20)
R - Root(Hex 10)
L - Leaf(Hex 08)
N - Nut(Hex 04)
S - Seed(Hex 02)
F - Fruit(Hex 01)

Food Offered bits are stateless if your object can offer the type it MUST set the flag even if 0 is currently available. Food Offered bits MUST be combined if your object offers more than one type.


& - Used to split between the Classification and the Species Name

Species Name

Human readable name for your species. Name SHOULD be consistent across all objects of your species. Exception is major stages ex Species Name Species Name Seed.

Example Names

0x10102208&Cannon Plant
0x1010822C&Palm Tree
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