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Marc Eisenberg

Local Second Life resident since Jan 8, 2005
(happens to be the same day as my real birthday too!)

Marc's Official Blog - Everything you could ever want to know about programming, computers, etc. True geek here people.
Second Life Network - Your unofficial Second Life MySpace-like site.

My First Life

My real name is Marc Melvin, I'm 23 years old, live in Miami, FL, USA, and I am the CEO and lead developer for an internet technologies company, ByteScape, LLC. Basically, I develop websites and software for a living. I go to a lot of local rock shows because I love the underground music scene. Ummm... yeah, that is just about the extent of my first life.

My Second Life

My name is Marc Eisenberg, and I am a blue/green/red/whatever haired cyberpunk taking the world by storm. I have had a Second Life long enough to know a thing or two (never knew it would happen considering I barely have a first life, lol). I feel that I have learned the scripting language back and forth, up and down, side to side, and have taken it upon myself to take what I do for a living in my first life, and make it something I do for fun (and money too, every now and then) in my Second Life. The first week was difficult as it requires a different way of thinking to code in LSL, even though it looks a lot like C++/Java/etc. But by the beginning of the second week, before I had even completed my trial membership, I was already working on a script for roulette and craps with visually and dynamically stacking chips.

My Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things to play with in LSL, the Second Life scripting language, are:

Some of my favorite things to do in Second Life are:

My Least Favorite Things

These are the things that I don't like about my Second Life:
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She sometimes comments on -other- people's wiki pages, too. ;)
-- CrossLament (2005-02-20 13:06:39)
Half-Life 2 rules when it comes to physics. Until ladders sink through concrete obviously...
-- HazVega (2006-04-30 15:10:34)
Excuse me... You have two Camel-Case words, and i request that they be linked to an outside site, or put a space between the two words


This is due to the links on the WantedPages

Thank you!
-- CometAero (2006-11-16 21:35:37)
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