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LSL Wiki : LockMeisterSystem

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the lockmeister system is a keyring of commands used for enhanced functions in bondage toys, its main function is to get the keys needed for particle chains, but as the protocol grow more and more commands are added. This protocol is maintained and designed by Kyrah Abattoir , im her inworld if you have suggestions.

Main features:
-simple to use
-fully backward compatible
-sensorless key grabbing (possible on child prims too) for particle chains (several mooring points)
-boot/shoes animation overrider controling (on/off)
-color propagation in a lockmeister item set

All lockmeister items listen on channel -8888.
Its strongly recomended to use only the llWhisper function for sending the commands

message shape: <avatar key><command>

current ping commands:
rcuff - ask for a ping of the right wrist cuff
lcuff - ask for a ping of the left wrist cuff
llcuff - ask for a ping of the left ankle cuff
rlcuff - ask for a ping of the right ankle cuff
handle - ask for a ping from an object type "leash handle"
collar - ask for a ping for the collar's front ring
--the following havent yet been implemented--
thead - ask for a ping of a top head ring (on head harnesses , trainer gags or hoods)
lbit - ask for a ping of the left ring of a bit
rbit - ask for a ping of the right ring of a bit
lnipple - ask for a ping of the ring of the left nipple
rnipple - ask for a ping of the ring of the right nipple

these commands return the following pattern:
<avatar key><command> ok

they are used to "ping" the cuff attachment point and if it answer we can get its key
when the message come back, you can grab the chaining point from the id field of the listen event

special commands
col<vector> - order a color change (used in lockmeister collars to tint the cuffs like the collar) OPTIONAL
booton/bootoff = commands sent by collar objects, askin for the shoes animation overrider to be stopped

a basic lockmeister furniture need to be compliant:

-test the presence of the cuffs it need when the avatar sit on it
-unsit the avatar after a few seconds if the cuffs do not respond (thsi is optional, but on suspensions sutff its highly recommended due to the awkward look if no chains are visible)
-if cuffs respond, draw the chains properly
-must provide a free cuff set or the required attachments it need to work properly (you can get mines)

if you plan to integrate the lockmeister system to your products, contact KyrahAbattoir inworld to get the aproval logo
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