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LSL Wiki : LibraryFPPMovementTuning

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Make sure your Brain script is working first.

change select_new_pos to always return a vector that is about 3-5 meters directly behind the pet. Set it off and watch what happens.

If it turns on the spot and then moves in a straight line towards the target, decrease rot_str, and probably rot_dmp.

If it turns, but not enough to get around to the target, increase rot_str, or decrease the speed.

If it sideslips too much, increase the friction.

If it waggles left and right when its pointing at the target, increase rot_dmp.

If it misses or orbits the target, increase the target range.

Variables that impact on how the script moves


Changes how fast the pet moves. Some of the forward speed is "scrubbed" off by friction. Increasing the speed will increase the turning circle.
How near to the target the pt has to get before it decides it has reahed its destination. Too small a target range and your pet will never reach it, valuse around 0.5 are good.


Increasing the friction will slow the pet down and reduce the amount it sideslips.

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