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Creating a flying pet.

Successfully simulating a flying creature is a challenge in any language. This worked example will take you through everything required to script a small physical object that will fly around in a 'realistic' manner. The emphasis is on creating an expandable example with a re-usable movement script.

I still have about 50% of these pages to complete. However the sections on the basic brain script and basic movement script are done.

Introduction : Introduction, Model limitations, Overall design.
Using Link Messages : Link Messages, Message design, data compression
Basic Brain : Basic design, Selecting a random movement target, putting it all together.
Basic Movement : Basic design, initialising the physical object, waiting for orders, moving, putting it all together. (85% complete)
Putting it all together : Getting the script to actually work. Tuning. (50% complete)
Improving the Brain : Avoiding the ground or sea, giving up. (10% complete)
Improving the Movement : Basic object avoidance (0% complete)
Returning home : Making your pet return to you (0% complete)
Adding random actions : Adding a separate script containing random actions (0% complete)
Adding a particle system : How to put all your particle effects into one reusable script (0% complete)
Adding voice control : Making your pet obey you. (0% complete)

FAQ: Add your questions here.

I have not been active in Second Life for sometime. Although I'm currently back, my interests have moved on and I will not be finishing this tutorial.

However, I have made a version of my flying pet available for free at . The pet moves, stays near its owner and has a couple of random actions. The code is open and free for you to use as you want. You may use the code in your own commercial products, but may not sell the flying pet as it stands. Look for the blue box.

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