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Dolyn's Scripts

Please feel free to use any of this code as you like. Feel free to IM me in SL. I don't do commissions, but I'm happy to help if I can.


Name Description
AttachInvis Some objects, particulary objects whose only purpose is to hold scripts, don't want to be seen when attached.
CardReader Load a notecard into a list.
GetBinaryString In bitwise there are many helpful examples that dump out the bits for viewing. I couldn't find a function for this, so here one is.
InventoryLoader Code to easily get a box full of toys into your inventory.
PrimLister List the number and name all the prims in a complex object.


A note on formatting style. All my examples are in the
One True Brace Style. That is, K&R style, as opposed to that other (Allman) style that most of the examples you find are in. ( Yes, I do feel the need to expunge all trace of Allman style from code where I find it. It's not compulsive, really, it's just so I can read the thing. )

While many years of professional programming has caused me to favor this style, others like different things. It doesn't really matter what style you choose; most programmers tend to use a hybrid if they play with a language long enough. However, be consistent! Consistent code is easier to debug and will make syntax errors much easier to spot.

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