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LSL Wiki : LibraryDetectedParticles

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Added a "detected" key in addition to "owner" and "self".
Also changed the way it shuts off and on- by listening.

//This is an updated version of a normal particle script- James Hanner
// Mask Flags - set to TRUE to enable
integer glow = TRUE;            // Make the particles glow
integer bounce = FALSE;          // Make particles bounce on Z plane of object
integer interpColor = TRUE;     // Go from start to end color
integer interpSize = TRUE;      // Go from start to end size
integer wind = TRUE;           // Particles effected by wind
integer followSource = TRUE;    // Particles follow the source
integer followVel = TRUE;       // Particles turn to velocity direction

//Set these as the channel and message to use to turn on and off the system
integer ch = 0;
string messageon = "";
string messageoff = "";

// Choose a pattern from the following:
integer pattern = PSYS_SRC_PATTERN_EXPLODE;

// Select a target for particles to go towards
// "" for no target, "owner" will follow object owner 
//    and "self" will target this object
// and "detected" to use the nearest person
//    or put the key of an object for particles to go to
key target = "self";

// Particle paramaters
float age = 1;                  // Life of each particle
float maxSpeed = 1;            // Max speed each particle is spit out at
float minSpeed = 1;            // Min speed each particle is spit out at
string texture = "";                 // Texture used for particles, default used if blank
float startAlpha = 1;           // Start alpha (transparency) value
float endAlpha = 0.1;           // End alpha (transparency) value
vector startColor = <0,1,0>;    // Start color of particles <R,G,B>
vector endColor = <1,0,0>;      // End color of particles <R,G,B> (if interpColor == TRUE)
vector startSize = <1,1,1>;     // Start size of particles 
vector endSize = <1,0,1>;       // End size of particles (if interpSize == TRUE)
vector push = <0,0,0>;          // Force pushed on particles

// System paramaters
float rate = 1.5;            // How fast (rate) to emit particles
float radius = 1;          // Radius to emit particles for BURST pattern
integer count = 1;        // How many particles to emit per BURST 
float outerAngle = 1.54;    // Outer angle for all ANGLE patterns
float innerAngle = 1.55;    // Inner angle for all ANGLE patterns
vector omega = <0,0,0>;    // Rotation of ANGLE patterns around the source
float life = 0;             // Life in seconds for the system to make particles

// Script variables
integer pre = 2;          //Adjust the precision of the generated list.

integer flags;
list sys;
integer type;
vector tempVector;
rotation tempRot;
string tempString;
integer i;

string float2String(float in)
    return llGetSubString((string)in,0,pre - 7);

    flags = 0;
    if(target == "detected") target = llDetectedKey(0);
    if (target == "owner") target = llGetOwner();
    if (target == "self") target = llGetKey();
    if (glow) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_EMISSIVE_MASK;
    if (bounce) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_BOUNCE_MASK;
    if (interpColor) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_INTERP_COLOR_MASK;
    if (interpSize) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_INTERP_SCALE_MASK;
    if (wind) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_WIND_MASK;
    if (followSource) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_FOLLOW_SRC_MASK;
    if (followVel) flags = flags | PSYS_PART_FOLLOW_VELOCITY_MASK;
    if (target != "") flags = flags | PSYS_PART_TARGET_POS_MASK;
    sys = [  PSYS_PART_MAX_AGE,age,
                        PSYS_PART_START_COLOR, startColor,
                        PSYS_PART_END_COLOR, endColor,
                        PSYS_SRC_PATTERN, pattern,
                        PSYS_SRC_ACCEL, push,
                        PSYS_SRC_OMEGA, omega,
                        PSYS_SRC_MAX_AGE, life,
                        PSYS_SRC_TEXTURE, texture,
                        PSYS_PART_START_ALPHA, startAlpha,
                        PSYS_PART_END_ALPHA, endAlpha

        updateParticles();                //Start making particles
    llListen(ch, "", NULL_KEY, messageoff);

    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
    state off;        //Switch to the off state

state off
        llParticleSystem([]);        //Stop making particles
        llListen(ch, "", NULL_KEY, messageon);
    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
    state default;

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