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Crash Course

Here is an LSL-specific crash course in programming. Do not be intimidated, it really is easy! Work on one section at a time, and if you ever have questions, IM a Scripting Mentor in-world, or post a comment here for everyone's benefit.

You may read it in chapters, listed below. However, if you have a comment, please post it on this page, and not in a section.

You may be confused by some of the terminology used on these pages. If a word or phrase is not linked directly, consult the Glossary. If you don't understand something, post a comment on this page.

1) Comments
2) Values (Variables, Constants, and Literals)
3) Codeblocks
4) Functions
5) Events
6) Conditionals (Meat and potatoes 1)
7) Loops and Typecasting (Meat and potatoes 2)
8) States
9) Miscellaneous other hints and tips

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That wasn't a script, it was a syntax example. Trying to help readers get an understanding of what events and states are about.
-- JillianCallahan (2005-05-18 19:57:57)
I found this page unbearably long, so I broke it up into sections. I hope you don't mind the major renovation :D
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2005-06-16 18:53:24)
No, that's good, Keknehv. I think it makes it a lot more readable and more likely to be edited, which is perhaps more important. ;)
-- CatherineOmega (2005-06-17 04:14:32)
Thanks for breaking it up, Kek. :-)
-- GenePoole (2005-07-13 23:07:14)
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