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Status: Lethargic.

My current juggling act:

Project Status
XML Parser Buggy, currently on backburner.


Bullet dodging system
Quick multithreaded image transfer device
Parcel object scanning system
Massively synchronized structure system. (aka: death to buildings that can't move :D)
"Paint" program using prim-pixels.

More then likely impossible, with my current skillset: ^_^
Prim-based offline 3d modeling program <-> SL Software
LSL Runtime environment
Web browser within SL

The "completed" pile:

Content browsing system for the SL Public Library I finally posted it here!
Sandbox layer rezzer
Image transfer device w/ RLE optimization
Shovel (programmable land manipulator)
Multidimentional array capabilities (using math) and a much more flexible reimplementation (using strings).
"Finding" device - helps you locate an item by its name.

My LSL Wish List

Taking an idea from Keknev's page, here are my wishes for the future of LSL:
Feel free to add a proposition for any of them, Im currently out of vote points ;)
Title/Forum ThreadDescription Proposition #
llGiveSelf(key destination) This function hands the destination a copy of the object this script resides in (and derezzes the in-world copy, if a no-copy object calls it) 111
selected*(integer num) Events for detecting whom is selecting the object. 112
Additions to llRequestInventoryData The ability to get the length of a sound, dimensions of a texture, and length of an animation. 521
llDetectedCollisionLocation The ability to get the point at which a collision occurred.
Additions to llRequestSimulatorData See thread for details.
Primitive params that can be applied to and retrieved from any object (given the proper permissions) in a link set, like llSetLinkAlpha 58
animation_triggered(integer handle, key avatar, string anim)
An event that fires when an animation is triggered, and functions to activate the event. 520
Get information about a particular group using its key.
PRIM_LINK constant for llSetPrimitiveParams Apply parameters to multiple prims in a link set at the same time. 669
llDropFromAvatar Preforms the same operation dropping an attachment does using the SL UI.
llDialog changes. Seperate this API from llListen, and allow us to close dialogs we open via script.
Object-object touching. Allow scripted objects to trigger the touch events of other scripted objects.
script_error event - error handling Allow scripts to handle trivial errors - cant find sound or texture in inventory, script doesn't have permissions - without spamming public chat. 188
Collaborative script editor. Allow two or more people to simultaneously work on a script in SL - viewing each other's changes as they occur. 78
key llGetChanger
Thread 1 Thread 2
Gets the UUID of the object or avatar that triggered the changed event.
Comments welcome!


Frou Frou ROCKS! :-D
Worship Ezhar and his lovely %%(lsl) code formatting!
Use Sun style braces. They're... better!
User page ACLs suck! Don't restrict a registered user's editing privileges!
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Someone please ban and, it's getting annoying.
-- MerothJunge (2007-04-03 03:18:09)
Unfortunately, as SL becomes more popular, one of two things will need to occur. Either (a) the wiki will need to set to that only logged in users can edit, or (b) the wiki will be overrun by spam on every page and we'll all just have to abandon it. I had to restore the home page yesterday (the home page!).
-- GaiusGoodliffe (2007-04-06 16:14:26)
I've reinstated the Sound page too.
-- (2007-04-12 11:37:16)
I've created a rudimentary ACL-enforcing bot AclBot. It uses ugly HTML parsing to interface with the wiki, but it works :-) Im going to eventually set it so that it automatically checks the pages I've created for unregistered user's posts every so often. If you want a copy, feel free to ask.
-- ChristopherOmega (2007-07-01 01:33:53)
I think the proper way for your last wish (key llGetChanger()) would be to just enhance the llDetected* functions to also give meaningfull data on the change() event. That would be the proper way to implement it.
Currently I am designing a scripted mailbox that allows anyone to drop a notecard in it, and that is just the function I need, so I know who dropped me a notecard. There is a way to get the owner of the notecard, however it is restricted to objects on which you have mod and copy privilege.
Also, the ALLOW_INVENTORY drop should come in different flavours, to specifiy which Inventory types you allow for so you can selectively open or close your mailbox or drop box.
-- HeusDens (2007-08-12 18:08:28)