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Catherine gets annoyed by people who confuse agents, avatars, clients and users. Nobody else cares. This annoys Catherine even more.

Catherine also gets annoyed by people who call SL a game. It is, but only if the web is a game. There are games on the web, as there are within Second Life, but is it a game in its own right? Catherine calls it a "Massively Multiuser Online Environment". Please pay $30 per usage.


When searching for words, the correct way to use google links should be "" without the other stuff that makes my browser (firefox, mac) and some other browsers unusable to click the first search result.

Catherine likes helping people: Troubleshooting

Catherine is interested in Machinima.

Catherine likes C style indents.


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-- EzharFairlight (2004-05-14 10:01:58)
need llParseStringKeepNulls added to the lsl code displayer
-- BlindWanderer (2004-10-02 14:37:27)
Done. Cat and me aren't the same person btw ;-)
-- EzharFairlight (2004-10-05 08:29:15)
I would like to put up a google wiki search on the main page, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to or if I should. Could you help? I have it on my page.
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2005-06-20 10:32:31)
could you change the ACLs on llListen
-- BlindWanderer (2005-07-12 06:59:01)
CatherineOmega, you have several gazillion orphaned pages. Or, at least, more than I can count at a single glance. Please fix them, or delete them, or whatever you wish to do. They are listed below.
clothes Comment860 Comments ConditionalStatements CVS delay delete FireFox InputOutput IO llMoveToRot LSLStyleGuide Mathematics Maths Movement Operation Permission pos prims Snapshot vehicle xor
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2005-08-21 13:38:27)
Catherine, is there any possible way i can talk to you privately via email?
-- PerciuSs (2006-10-27 05:40:45)
Yes, if you want. IM me.
-- CatherineOmega (2006-11-05 13:06:53)
We love you Catherine ^.^


Merry X - Mas to you!

(I dont know if you would want christmas or not)
-- CometAero (2006-12-15 22:34:15)
ive forgotten my password so once i log off i wont be able to log back on you can reach me at i cant IM you because im on tg.
-- AnorcaCalamari (2007-01-07 15:20:55)
nvm it was one of my newer passwords i thought i had set to same as sl.
-- AnorcaCalamari (2007-01-07 15:22:52)
Catherine Omega I Agree With You On How Second Life Is Not A Game :-D All who think its a game shall die!! lol
-- (2007-03-23 10:42:26)
Currently, Second Life tends to cause me more brain injury than my actual first life, so I'll be the second to agree that it's not a game, right after the person with the awesomely long ID from some educational domain :)
-- HawksterWestmoreland (2007-04-02 18:11:16)
Catherine, I'd like to add a page linked from the homepage with all the functions listed. It could cut down on bandwidth used as well as being useful as a general reference to the lsl functions.
I didn't want to edit the homepage without checking though.
-- JothephNemeth (2007-08-12 01:24:08)
Catherine Omega or anyone with access to a higher level, please read this, there has been a huge amount of bot spam recently of comments, they are even CREATING NEW pointless pages now, I alert that there should be captcha's added to page edits or that only registered users should post. Please do this ASAP! The Wiki pages are getting filled with tremendous amounts of adverts and spam, it will take a while to clean out all of this mess.
-- NexiiM (2007-10-06 12:02:24)
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